Media Quake 2016

Media Quake reopened its doors in January of 2015 – this year’s work has encompassed:

– a new earned media strategy, including a content marketing framework, for a major UK financial services provider, some detail of which I explained here

– a digital success measurement framework for a major pharmaceuticals & healthcare business (working with ‘technology-powered marketing agency’ Oomph who can you find at

– a rebrand for Rockabox Media – now called Scoota. All about that here

– a rebrand for a large affiliate marketing technology business stretching into new areas (out next year)

– a review of org, operations and go-to-market of the consulting practice at one of the world’s biggest media agencies

– a mapping of the digital programatic display landscape for M&M Global (, which you’ll see next year

– the small matter of launching and promoting a crowd-funded local live music festival in my adopted hometown of Malmesbury – that was The Boondocks (

That was 2015. What next?

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